Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A little quiet in quilt-land

This is a LOLcat and he speaks for the quilt.
I hate that my most recent blog post has been an outdated image of the awesome fundraiser that NHRD held for my sweet husbandman. However, it's been rather quiet here in the quilting studio recently and that's my fault. I'm sitting on a couple of awesome squares that are screaming to be posted (*AHEM* Japan *AHEM*) and I need to correct that soon.

Once I get up off my butt and post those last few updates, I'm in a bit of trouble. Beyond the above-mentioned squares, I'm almost out of new contributions. Without new ones, well, [gets out bullhorn.... beep boop feedback feedback] this thing on?


I need more squares! If you have a league that's not represented, please make a square. If your league is already represented, but your specific team isn't, please make a square. If you personally don't have a square to represent you, please make a square!

If you have any questions about submitting a square (or more) to the quilt, email me at rollerderbyquilt at gmail dot com. I would love whatever you'd be willing to send. Tell your friends, your teammates, and your family members. Skaters, refs, NSO's, announcers, volunteers, family members, and fans are all welcome to make squares. The more the merrier! Please keep 'em coming, and spread the word that the quilt needs you.