Thursday, June 24, 2010

Help me make this into a book

I've decided to self-publish a full-color book on the quilt. The thing is, this won't be cheap. Thus, I've altered my little donation button in the upper-righthand corner of this blog to reflect my new cause and my new goal: Raise enough money to be able to sell this book to all of you lovely people who would like it for your coffee table.

I'd like to do a full color book, probably paperback, with close-ups of each square I've received or created myself since this adventure began. Where possible, I'd also like to get photos of the people who contributed (those who are willing, of course) and/or any quotes they'd like to share. Thus, if you've donated a square already, I'll be hunting you down soon.

I can personally guarantee that your donations will be well worth it. The donated squares are dynamite thus far, and I assure you that my fancy RISD art school edumacation will make for some lovely page layouts. *bats eyelashes*

Thursday, June 17, 2010

While Steve's away...

Yeah, I know I have a studio that's superbly awesome in every way. However, what it lacks is a long stretch of clean carpet on which to pin the un-basted quilt sandwich. Steve's trip to Bennington seemed to be the best time to baste like a... person who bastes a lot of stuff. Yeah. Eloquent.

My floor will resemble a floor after I baste just one more section. I swear.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

May B. Knotty

Continuing on our theme of New Hampshire Roller Derby being completely awesome, here is a square from May B. Knotty. Both her derby name and her quilt contribution reference the complex Celtic knotwork tattoos she has on her back. She jams for both the Skate Free or Die All Stars as well as the Granite Skate troopers. She's quick, nimble, and determined on the track, and I personally love the look of hyper-concentration I see on her face every time she takes the jam line.

More NHRD squares are coming up. Did I mention how much I love these ladies?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

A real quilt workshop!

I've never had a space of my own other than a bedroom. That ended this weekend when we moved into our new apartment:

I have so much room. I can even divide things into areas. I'm making a sewing area, a reading area, a computer area, a printmaking area... I have space to have all of those and leave work out overnight in every one at once. What perfect timing, considering I need to show five panels of this giant quilt monster for my thesis show this summer. 

This is going to make such a difference in my work. Being able to make things and not have to clean up nightly so that Steve has a place to sit, or the pets won't eat the pieces, or food won't spill all over it. I can't believe I finally have this.

Last night I stayed up until midnight cleaning and organizing. I have a long way to go until it's ready, but even knowing it's up there is the most wonderful feeling ever. I'm so excited I can barely concentrate. There are simply no words to adequately describe how happy I am.