Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A little quiet in quilt-land

This is a LOLcat and he speaks for the quilt.
I hate that my most recent blog post has been an outdated image of the awesome fundraiser that NHRD held for my sweet husbandman. However, it's been rather quiet here in the quilting studio recently and that's my fault. I'm sitting on a couple of awesome squares that are screaming to be posted (*AHEM* Japan *AHEM*) and I need to correct that soon.

Once I get up off my butt and post those last few updates, I'm in a bit of trouble. Beyond the above-mentioned squares, I'm almost out of new contributions. Without new ones, well, [gets out bullhorn.... beep boop feedback feedback] this thing on?


I need more squares! If you have a league that's not represented, please make a square. If your league is already represented, but your specific team isn't, please make a square. If you personally don't have a square to represent you, please make a square!

If you have any questions about submitting a square (or more) to the quilt, email me at rollerderbyquilt at gmail dot com. I would love whatever you'd be willing to send. Tell your friends, your teammates, and your family members. Skaters, refs, NSO's, announcers, volunteers, family members, and fans are all welcome to make squares. The more the merrier! Please keep 'em coming, and spread the word that the quilt needs you.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Send Pelvis to Denver!

I have no words. Wait, no, I have a few...
My husband, Pelvis Costello, has been invited to announce at the WFTDA national tournament this November, but we can't afford the cost of the flight to Denver. New Hampshire Roller Derby heard about this and decided that they want to help send their pal to the big show, because holy crap, they're wonderful people.

Please take a moment and hit up their fundraising link here. Even donating $1 would be a big help. Please spread the word, too. The more people who know about this fundraiser the better!

NHRD, you are amazing friends. Thank you so much for doing such a kind thing for my wonderful, sweet man.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

France? C'est bon!

Getting my hands on this square was no easy task. I emailed the Bloody Riot Girls of Renne, France asking if they would be interested in submitting a square to the quilt. What followed was an exchange of emails translated by Kitty Twister, who has a degree in French and was willing to put it to use for a good cause. I was extremely grateful for her help, as I'm a product of my culture and thus only speak English fluently. Well, English, some useful phrases in Japanese (toire wa dokko desu ka?) and a string of colorful insults in Italian (thanks dad).

The piece they contributed was well worth the the email chain. Anyone who works with yarn will know that this clearly took its creator some time. It's gorgeous! Thanks Bloody Riot Girls for making such a wonderful contribution, and for putting up with my inability to speak your beautiful language. If anyone else in France wants to contribute a square, please let me know!  What do you think, Paris? Bordeaux? Orléans? Metz? Tolous? I know there are more....

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wish List (edited because WHOA the formatting was nuts!)

When I started this, my goals were to get squares from other leagues. I reached that goal pretty much right away thanks to Zsa Zsa GaBoom from Kansas. My next goal was to get a patch from a league outside the US, and that wish was granted by Roisin Roulette of the Birmingham Blitz Derby Dames. Then I wanted a square from a country that spoke a language other than English as its primary language, and Gotherburg's Julia Ruth Ninja decided to rep Sweden. Just recently my biggest dream came true when I got a package from Australia. With each new goal comes a new one, and I apparently need some new goals.

I figured I'd start by calling out some friends, friends of friends, and some of my favorite leagues to watch as a fan.
If you're not mentioned here, don't feel left out. I stopped writing when my lunch period was over, so this list is just a small sampling of the people I'd like to see on the quilt:

Pelvis Costello (no more excuses, husbandman)
Lady Oshun
Reverend Al Mighty
Dee Stortion
Dumptruck (you promised, dude)
Georgia W. Tush (you are too adorable not to have a square)
Hayley Contagious (wife!)
Three Day Bender (perhaps a "Bender Knows Best" square?)
Baby Fighterfly
Hearty Break-fist
Day-Glo Divine
Philzie (do our rides together mean nothing, buddy?)
Shelby Bruisin'
Ir8 Pirate
Slam I Am (come on, skater sister!)
Chicana Bruzya
Ivanna B. Vicious
Rita Rulebook
Filthy McNasty (thanks for the leggings!)
Ophelia Bonesbreak (perhaps with a pug?)
Ina Infirmirary (wait... I hear it's "Crafty" now?)
Val Capone
Slay D. Bug
Bobby Narco (you said you'd represent the anthem singers, man!)
Annie Cockledeux
Craisy Dukes
Plastic Patrick
Ivanna Clobber
Justice Feelgood Marshal
Dolly Rocket
Suzy Hotrod
Bonnie Thunders
Demanda Riot

I'd also love squares representing any of the following derby organizations and/or vendors. Derby has blossomed into such a rich culture, and so far the quilt largely represents specific people. Let's get the groups in on this:

Derby News Network
Roller Derby Inside Track
Bruised Boutique
Wicked Skatewear

...aaaaand there's the lunch bell. There are so many more people, leagues, and groups I'd like to see included. If you are one of these people or know them, please help me make sure they have a place on the quilt.

Wish list

WHOA formatting issues! I'll have to go back and re-write this from scratch. Here is a photo of my dog for you to enjoy while you wait:

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mass Maelstrom

Central Mass Roller Derby's men's team may have my favorite team name ever: the Mass Maelstrom. I loved Edgar Allen Poe as a gloomy teenager, I think whirlpools are neat, and was afraid of Charybdis "coming to get me" when I swam in large bodies of water as a little kid. Plus, I like the "male" pun they've got going on there. I'm glad to see CMRD represented on the quilt, as they're BDD's neighbors and I love them like whoa.

Also, this patch is gorgeous. The photo doesn't really do it justice, so you'll have to take my word for it. It's a faithful representation of the team's logo, down to the details on Thor's hammer and his "I'm coming for you next, jerk" hand gesture. Uber Wench has this to say about her creative process:

When Peter Rottentail asked me to do a square for the Mass Maelstrom for the derby quilt, I accepted, but I wasn't sure how to proceed. I've been playing roller derby since September, 2009, and in the real world I repair ancient bookbindings, so my first instinct was to make a leather collage. I brought a copy of the Maelstrom logo to my bookbinding studio and began to contemplate it. After an extended and largely inactive contemplation period, and an unsuccessful attempt to execute the leather idea, I decided to branch out a little with my materials.

Once I let go of the all-leather concept, the square came together very quickly. The viking's head and helmet are leather, his torso and hair are fabric. I cut "MASS" out of a batik fabric, and hand embroidered "maelstrom" onto the same fabric beneath it. The fist and hammer are very detailed in the logo, so I just printed them (on paper), cut them out, and pasted them on. I drew the blue background swirls onto the fabric with colored pencil and permanent marker. Then I sat down at the sewing machine, stitched the blue backing fabric into place and then "drew" with my sewing machine, adding lines and accents, and reinforcing the temporarily pasted attachments. 

I love the different textures in the square, and the way that diverse materials create a united whole, just like the Maelstrom: different players sticking together to make one cogent team!

Thanks Uber Wench for making this killer block! I'm glad CMRD is represented now. We've covered three leagues in Massachusetts, but there's another one left unrepresented. What about you, Mass Attack Roller Derby? You want in?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dreadmeat? Really?

I spent way more time on this
than I care to admit.
Every once in a while I do a google search for "roller derby quilt" to see what's out there, and I find a few gems. I somehow missed this article back in February. Skip down to the bottom and you'll notice that the author refers to me as "Dreadmeat." As my dear friend Hayley Contagious would say, really bro?

He links to the BDD site and quotes lines from Maude Forbid's profile, so he's seen the BDD website. Also, I definitely said that thing about hitting people with my butt to some reporter somewhere, so he's sorta kinda done his research. I'm completely mystified about where the name "Dreadmeat" even came from.

I did, however, find a few sites referring to raw food diets for dogs, a band from Auckland, NZ, and some kind of reggae steak recipe.