Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wish List (edited because WHOA the formatting was nuts!)

When I started this, my goals were to get squares from other leagues. I reached that goal pretty much right away thanks to Zsa Zsa GaBoom from Kansas. My next goal was to get a patch from a league outside the US, and that wish was granted by Roisin Roulette of the Birmingham Blitz Derby Dames. Then I wanted a square from a country that spoke a language other than English as its primary language, and Gotherburg's Julia Ruth Ninja decided to rep Sweden. Just recently my biggest dream came true when I got a package from Australia. With each new goal comes a new one, and I apparently need some new goals.

I figured I'd start by calling out some friends, friends of friends, and some of my favorite leagues to watch as a fan.
If you're not mentioned here, don't feel left out. I stopped writing when my lunch period was over, so this list is just a small sampling of the people I'd like to see on the quilt:

Pelvis Costello (no more excuses, husbandman)
Lady Oshun
Reverend Al Mighty
Dee Stortion
Dumptruck (you promised, dude)
Georgia W. Tush (you are too adorable not to have a square)
Hayley Contagious (wife!)
Three Day Bender (perhaps a "Bender Knows Best" square?)
Baby Fighterfly
Hearty Break-fist
Day-Glo Divine
Philzie (do our rides together mean nothing, buddy?)
Shelby Bruisin'
Ir8 Pirate
Slam I Am (come on, skater sister!)
Chicana Bruzya
Ivanna B. Vicious
Rita Rulebook
Filthy McNasty (thanks for the leggings!)
Ophelia Bonesbreak (perhaps with a pug?)
Ina Infirmirary (wait... I hear it's "Crafty" now?)
Val Capone
Slay D. Bug
Bobby Narco (you said you'd represent the anthem singers, man!)
Annie Cockledeux
Craisy Dukes
Plastic Patrick
Ivanna Clobber
Justice Feelgood Marshal
Dolly Rocket
Suzy Hotrod
Bonnie Thunders
Demanda Riot

I'd also love squares representing any of the following derby organizations and/or vendors. Derby has blossomed into such a rich culture, and so far the quilt largely represents specific people. Let's get the groups in on this:

Derby News Network
Roller Derby Inside Track
Bruised Boutique
Wicked Skatewear

...aaaaand there's the lunch bell. There are so many more people, leagues, and groups I'd like to see included. If you are one of these people or know them, please help me make sure they have a place on the quilt.

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Sharon Abbott said...

I love this idea. So COOL! I made my daughter a patchwork quilt with logos 3 years ago. She loves it. I now make wheelbags & headbands to sell at area bouts around Texas and Louisiana. I can send you a jersey from a couple of the local teams that are no longer skating plus one from my daughter's Spindletop Roller Girls of Beaumont, TX.