Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gifts from the Snow Day Fairy

Although I've been holed up in my apartment this weekend (damned grad school finals!) I did enjoy a few surprises. The first was a snow day on Friday (more time to work on my paper... huzzah) and the second was a very full mailbox. The following three quilt squares arrived yesterday morning:

Covalent Bondage from Central Arkansas Roller Derby sent in a square for her league. At first she was worried about it being too large, but 8" x 8" is really only a suggestion, so it's all good. Nothing about derby is cookie-cutter, and it wouldn't be right if every square were exactly the same size! This big and beautiful square will fit right in with GTA's league square, Dee Claw's personal square, and the oversized square I'm working on for Sarah Doom.

This one comes from Frag Doll of the Green Mountain Derby Dames. Rock on with your awesome embroidery! I dig the use of the Sublime Stitching roller derby embriodery pattern, and being a Nutcracker, I'm a huge sucker for pink tulle. :D

Last, but far from least, is this square from Cherry Madness of the Sacred City Derby Girls. This is dedicated to her crazy ankle injury back in September. Here are the details in her own words:

I broke my leg at practice 3 weeks ago yesterday. I have enclosed the x-ray for you to view. It rocks. 1 plate, mutilpe screws and pins. I had a 17mm dislocation of my ankle and 2 separate fractures in my fibula. Per one of my ortho surgeons, I pushed myself so hard that my ankle just exploded. Nice to know my body established a boundary. :] "

As sorry as I am to know her ankle exploded, I'm thrilled to have an x-ray make it into the quilt. This square is so marvelously bad-ass. Thanks Cherry!

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