Monday, November 1, 2010

Oh posting, you have gotten away from me!

Some of you may assume I've been eaten by bears. That's really the only good reason for not posting about the second and third days of regionals. Hell I should also have posted about the pile of squares I've received since the trip. I'm a jerk, I know.

Thankfully I haven't been eaten by bears, I've simply been overwhelmed with the start of freshmeat season. Between tryouts, two rounds of decision meetings, and all sorts of other meaty goings-on, I've been running myself ragged. I'm psyched for the new meats, but man, the off season made me forget how hard it is to blog when I'm doing all derby all the time while not sleeping or showering, like, at all.

This was the least creepy images that came up
when I googled "fresh meat." The LEAST.
I assure you that regionals was pretty neat. I spent much of it tired, hungry, and buzzed on way more caffeine than I've ever had in my life. However, I wouldn't trade that weekend for any amount of sleep or balanced-meal type food. There were many exciting highlights: 

I ate two of these every day. I am
aware of how bad an idea this was.

Thank goodness I caved and got room
service later. Still, it was mostly cheese.

Squares were donated. The Rev repped for Montreal.

Bane-ana was confusing and terrifying as always,
and yet somehow funny and adorable.
Yes, this is a photo of me sleeping under my
vendor table. Thank you PeeJay for holding
down the fort.

My monster hat from
There is totally a hole in the back for
my dreads. Convenient!

Another donation! Thanks Potomac Ripper
for leaving this shirt on my table.

More donations! Rock on Raci Lords.
River City now has a spot on the quilt.
thanks to you.

People signed my "guestbook." Thanks Reverend
Al for being a good roommate. No sharpie
moustaches for you when you're asleep.
So much happened, it's hard to sum this up in photos. Also, I took fewer than I had planned because I was having such a great time. If I could find a way to get the quilt to every tournament, I'd be thrilled. It was so exciting to see the quilt where it belonged - surrounded by the people who contributed squares and materials. 

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