Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Holy crap! Sweden!

When I first started getting squares in the mail, I fantasized about getting contributions from other countries. When I got my first square from Canada, my ambitions spread overseas. After someone hooked me up with a square from the UK, I hoped to one dat get a patch from someone representing a country that used any language but English as its official language. I'll need to find a new dream, because Sweden has answered.

Julia Ruth Ninja of Gothenburg Roller Derby sent out this square to represent the West Coast Bombshells. She used a great combination of materials, including carefully cut and stitched leather. My mother was all over the corset-looking piece on the bottom, especially. I have to say I agree.

Thank you so much Ninja! I'm thrilled that derby is branching out, and even more thrilled that the quilt is starting to show how far it's reaching. Who's next? South America? Asia? Down under? Let's get on that, people.

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Betty Soapmaker said...

So very awesome! Makes me wanna sew! xx "Betty"