Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Four more squares!

Hooray! This weekend I got married (well... In a public ceremony as opposed to the private one this summer) and I got four surprise wedding gifts:

This square was given to me in person by a member of my wedding party. Xena ParadoX (you know, like Zeno's Paradox) made this to represent the infinite number of half-distances a jammer has to cross before passing her.

She also gave me this, passed on through her from the fabulous Dee Claw.

When I got back from the reception (which was a Halloween-themed costume party at a roller rink) my mom gave me a package from the Queen City Roller Girls of Buffalo, NY. How amazing is this embroidery?

What a bad-ass weekend. Marriage, love, costumes, skating, fun, friendship, and quilt squares. Oh, and cake. Lots of cake.

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