Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I got a wonderful package in the mail yesterday from Dagney Taghurt of the Burning River Rollergirls. First of all, it said "Hell Yea" on the back, so that made me smile:

Second, it was filled to maximum capacity with tons of awesome little freebies:

Third, the letter she included was incredibly informative and heartfelt, explaining the symbolism behind every stitch and piece of fabric.

And last but not least, it contained three gorgeous quilt squares! The first represents their Black and Blue annual fundraiser.

The teams play a bout made up of a Black team and a Blue team (mixed players from all the teams) and the freshies play full-contact musical chairs. The graphic is from the shirt design that was heavily featured for the event. This was Taghurt's first event as Director or Bout Production, so I can understand why she'd make such a killer square to represent it.

This one is her personal square. She's on the Rolling Pin-Ups and the All-Star travel team. The "Big Wild Girl" is a good fit for her because she's just that, and the "wow" is because she's known as the "Wall of Woman." The two stars are for the two years she's been with the league.

This last square represents the whole league. It features the league Hazard logo and celebrates the 4 teams: the Hard Knockers (pink/black), Rolling Pin-Ups (polka dots/green), Hellbombers (black/red),and Cleveland Steamers (red/blue). The BRRG travel team is represented by the blue/orange.

I want to end this entry with a direct quote from Taghurt's awesome letter. It explains the tremendous amount of thought and significance that went into each element:

About the elements: The polka dot fabric is from my first year uniform. You can see pictures of that super cute but difficult to skate dress on BRRG's flicker site. I've included some extra for borders. I tried to make sure that 3D elements were placed toward the center so that you didn't have much trouble putting the patches together. All shoelaces I've worn through the past two years. When I started Derby I weighed 257lbs. The denim is from an old pair of jeans that I can no longer wear. I used to wear a size 22, I'm now comfortable in a 14. YEA DERBY!"

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