Monday, March 8, 2010

Cat over, dog under.

A lesson on working with the fauna in the quilting studio (AKA my living room):

I've accepted that they will be one of the major forces that determine when I work and when I do other non-working things, like sleeping, eating, and showering.

My cat's preferred method of stopping all progress on the quilt is to sit on top of a section and refuse to move. This is usually my signal to go get some chips, or surf teh intarnets. I know that many of you are wondering why I don't just shoo him away. Clearly his cat mind control can't be adequately captured through the lens of a camera.

Seriously. This cat could end world hunger, cure disease, and force us all to get along if he cared enough to direct his cat hypnosis on more altruistic things. Instead, he chooses to find a comfortable place to sit. Go figure.

The dog has a method all her own. Not to be outdone, she digs her way underneath the quilt. Tonight, this even included some tunneling around under the layers so she could more easily see the world around her, look adorable, and wag her tail.

Unlike the cat, who simply sits down in his chosen spot and commands everyone to leave him be, the dog uses her magic powers to make bystanders participate. Yes, she makes us wrap her in the quilt, much like she makes us talk for her using the high-pitched, Monty-Python-woman voice we've all come to use in her presence.

No, really, they're making me do it. Look into those cute, fuzzy faces and ask yourself if you have it in you to actually say "sorry chief, I need to baste that section now."

I didn't think so.

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Hazel Smut Crunch said...

That cat's mind control comes through loud and clear.