Friday, May 28, 2010

S.S. Trixie

This week's update comes courtesy of S.S. Trixie, another ferocious skater from New Hampshire Roller Derby. Trixie is one of the captains of the Skate Free or Die All Stars, and blocks for the newly created Seabrook Meltdowns, one of NHRD's new home teams.

On the track, she's one of my personal nightmares. However, off the track, she's as sweet and kind as her partner, Sin D. Lap Her. The contrast is rather striking, and it's been especially apparent the past few times our respective teams have scrimmaged one another. I remember one particular instance where she hit me so hard I spun 360 degrees before landing face-first on the track. As soon as I got up, shaken but smiling, I heard her shout "oh no, are you ok? I'm so sorry!" She's like an especially cuddly, lovable tank that shoots sunshine instead of mortars.

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