Thursday, December 23, 2010


When I first saw Nora'Easter at a skate clinic, I was sure I was completely screwed. I remember skating behind her in the rink and watching her comfort on wheels and I knew that the bar was very high for tryouts. I lucked out and there was room for both of us in the class of 2007/2008. She became a Cosmonaughty, and I later became a Nutcracker. Still, we'll always be fellow freshies as far as I'm concerned.

I enjoyed one great season with her as a member of BDD before she moved to Maine. It rocked watching her rep the Cosmos, and I was really sad to see her leave BDD. I admit to having a lingering hope she'll get sick of all the moose and bears in her current home and move back to the rude drivers and packed subway cars of Boston. We miss you!

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