Monday, December 13, 2010

Suburbia Roller Derby

I got this square a couple of days before leaving for Derby in the Burbs, WFTDA's 2010 Eastern Regional Tournament. It seemed fitting to have a league patch for the league that was hosting, and I was happy to have it on my vendor table for everyone to see.

This patch was made by Meredith, a freshmeat skater with Suburbia who is apparently a quilter and all around fabric ninja. "The ladies of Suburbia rock!" according to Meredith. "I'm still just a meatie working through my scrimmage hours, but I've drunk the Kool Aid and I'm proud to have them kick my ass around every practice."

Her skill totally shows in her craftsmanship. Holy crap this thing is well made. It got a TON of attention at the tournament, and everyone wanted to pick it up and examine the stitching up close.  Thanks Suburbia Roller Derby for being outstanding hosts during Derby in the Burbs, and thanks Meredith for making such a beautiful patch. You both rock. Nicely done.

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