Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I love Derby Skinz

It looks like a drag queen threw
up in here.
Nasty Niss, I love you to pieces. At Derby in the Burbs, she was kind enough to offer to send me a pile of scraps to use in the quilt. Shortly thereafter she sent me this box of stretchy, holographic awesomeness. It was a very, very good day.

The photo doesn't adequately show the size of the box, which is jam packed with  every pattern you see on the site. The strips between the quilt squares in the next section (yes, NEXT) will be all kinds of fancy. Also, the color of the strips will more accurately reflect the colors we typically see on the track, as everyone who is anyone wears these things.

Thanks Derby Skinz, and thanks Nasty! I can't wait to play with these.

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