Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Derby in the Burbs

Remember how I said that Meredith from Suburbia Roller Derby made an even better square than her previous contribution? I finally got around to taking photos of it to show off. It's worth clicking the photo on the left to view it full size. Killer embroidery, eh?

Any news on the derby name, Meredith? Thank you so much for making such a gorgeous piece, and for agreeing to part with it for the sake of making sure Eastern Regionals 2010 was represented in the quilt. Between you and an upcoming quilter, this next section of the quilt will look quite sophisticated. Nicely done!


Pelvis Costello said...

Mind-blowingly cool!

Victoria. said...


I am a college student trying to share my neuroscience research at a conference in the fall. I have entered a video contest to try to get entry to the conference as winnings. My lab mate and I have created a roller derby themed video and a small replica of your "Derby in the Berbs" square (which we found on Google images) is pictured in the video. We need to square away all copyright business and were wondering if we may use your original work? If not, we can withdraw our submission to the contest.

Thank you for your time!

Clare and Victoria