Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Motherly love from Suburbia/Connecticut: Part 1

This is part one of a three parter, because this is clearly too much quilting skill to smash into one entry. Lynne McDonald is a proud parent of a rollergirl and a skilled quilter to boot. She blended these two loves into three stunning blocks, and in her words "I don't know anything about roller derby, attended only a few bouts (and kepy my eyes covered for much of it), but I do know about quilting.

Lynne, I can certainly see that you do. Goodness me, look at that craftsmanship! Please click on the photo to the right if you don't believe me. Simply gorgeous.

She made this first block for her daughter, Taryn Limbs. She's skated for both Connecticut and Suburbia, and her teams are represented in the corners of the quilt. I'm absolutely enamored with the amount of information on this piece - teams, dates, leagues.... it's a gorgeous record of her daughter's experience so far.

Next week, part 2.

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