Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Stage 2 (I can't believe I'm doing this again...)

They look so sweet and innocent
I've been carting around this one big, awesome section of the quilt for months now. Whenever I exhibit it, people always ask the same question:

"So is this the whole finished quilt?"

It certainly looks finished. It's ten feet square with lovely finished edges, and it has enough different blocks that it could be considered "done" to someone who is less enthusiastically ADHD than I am. However, my answer is always the same:

"Oh HELL no. I have twice as much at home in my studio."

I've been collecting blocks quite steadily since the first gallery show and there's no way I'm stopping now. I counted my pile o' squares the other day and it looks like I have just enough to make another 10' x 10' section. My poor hands are already screaming in protest. My knees and back too. Sheesh.

Thankfully I have a back-up sewing machine (thanks mom!), tons of extra material (thanks Derby Skinz!) and plenty of floor space now. This should be a VAST improvement over my process last year. Looking back, I have no idea how I survived working on our coffee table and sewing in that tiny shared study.

This will probably ruin my chances of ever getting the whole quilt into a carry-on ever again.

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