Wednesday, March 9, 2011

DC Rollergirls

Back at Eastern Regionals, I overheard the DC bench coach, Potomac Ripper, giving a moving pep talk to the DC travel team. After tweeting about how it made me cry (shut up) someone retweeted it and he found out. He came over, we chatted, and after a while conversation turned to the quilt. The next morning I found a DC Rollergirls shirt on my table, and I was all kinds of excited.

It's been kicking around my studio for some time, looking for an appropriate background. After the box of Derby Skinz scraps came I foun the solution. There were juuuuuuust enough small pieces of silver-on-blue stars and red and white holographic stripes that I could cobble together this fancy little flag representing the colors of the DC All Stars.  I'm thrilled that my machine was able to handle the four-way stretch material, because I've never quite gotten the hang of working with that stuff.

Thanks Potomac Ripper, and thanks Derby Skinz for helping this square look all fancy. Go team us.


Anonymous said...

Yay! The square looks beautiful.

~Styx N Stones
DC Rollergirls

Anonymous said...


-Potmac Ripper

Snap said...

Awesome! ser