Saturday, January 16, 2010

Starting to connect the pieces...

At long last, I'm putting together the squares I've collected. The project is far from over, so the layout is designed to allow for new squares I'll get in the future. I'm still happy to accept new squares from anyone who sends them, and I'll be making more squares myself in the coming months. I just wanted to start piecing the ones I already have together before the task became too daunting.

After a few hours of arranging, planning, mild bickering, and more arranging, my extremely patient mother and I laid out the quilt on her living room floor. We arranged the squares into columns, broke them into smaller sections, and pinned them on muslin so I'd have a record of the exact layout. Now the pinned pieces are sitting in a storage bin, awaiting all the fun piecing I have to do next.

Slowly but surely, this will all come together. Keep sending squares, old uniforms, and even fabric scraps. I need all the materials I can possibly get in order to cover this giant monster of a craft project.


carlos said...

Love the General Lee patch. Do you have one from Portland, OR yet?

Dreadnought said...

Not yet. I'd love to get some, of course. Interested in making one? *bats eyelashes*