Friday, January 8, 2010

A very Pissah evening

Tonight I holed up at my desk and made two squares from materials donated by two former Wicked Pissahs. I was inspired by my giant pile of red thread, and I figured I had a few hours to kill. I'm pretty happy with the results so far:

This one is for Jodie Faster, a Pissah jammer turned ref. She gave me a piece of her old Pissah sweatshirt, and I added some ref stripes to show her connection with BDD's hard working ref team.

This patch represents Harley Quinn, a Pissah blocker who has since hung up her gold chains for Massacre ruffles. It's hard to see the gold behind the red eyelet fabric, but I assure you it's as marvelously loud as a Pissah jersey should be.

I'm almost done with a Wicked Pissah one for the whole team. I just need some more red thread and gold chains. Thank goodness for the off-season... When we start up again I won't be able to handle all this red stuff without getting ready to hit things. Ahh, the beauty of competition...

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