Monday, September 27, 2010

Eastern regionals. Yeah, that happened. *THUD*

Back from regionals and taking a quick second of my lunch break to let you all know I'm not dead. Ok, so I know you read this to keep up on the quilt's progress and not take notes on my general well being, I get it.  Still, a dead Dread is an unfinished quilt, right?

I have a massive update to post once I get a nap and some time with my family. Expect tales of chili dogs, an amazing vendor spot right by turn 4, squares donated during the tournament, and that time when Pelvis and Dumptruck were creeping me the hell out in gravelly stereo. Oh, and if I find ways to delicately phrase things I might be able to throw in some Reverend Al Mighty stories. There could have been no better roommates than him and Hayley Contagious.

I loved showing the quilt at Derby in the Burbs. Can I do it again, right now?

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