Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Regionals: Day 1

Johnny Deep keeping me company
I'm sick. Being a high school teacher and spending several days around sick teenagers will do that to you. Because I'm a glass half full kind of girl, my immediate reaction to this is to say "well, at least this gives me time to write that regionals update." My loss is your gain.

Hooray for tables!
We left for NY following a full day of work plus an equally full evening of parent teacher's night. I'm sure the ride to White Plains would have felt long if I'd had a different set of car-buddies. Pelvis is always a great traveling companion, and we were also rooming/carpooling with the Reverend Al Mighty and Hayley Contagious. When we hit up a nearby diner, they didn't even make fun of my choice to have a banana milk shake and chili cheese fries after midnight, even though it was clearly a bad idea. That's friendship.

We slept for what felt like ten minutes in our very comfortable beds, only to be woken up in the morning by a very awake Reverend Al serenading us with "Springtime for Hitler." The fact that I didn't attempt to drown him in the toilet speaks volumes about his charm. That, and the fact that I realized we all had to be at the venue by 9AM to fulfill our vendor/announcer obligations, so he was actually doing us a favor. We raced to the venue to do our respective thangs. The big day had arrived.

I could hear their strategy. It was neat.
With the help of the very accommodating and generally wonderful ladies from Suburbia Roller Derby, we hung the quilt and set up shop. To say I had The Best Spot Ever is an understatement. I was right behind turn 4 and could see everything! I got a ton of foot traffic as well. In fact, I got so much foot traffic that I needed to make more copies of my flyers before I ran out entirely. Thankfully there was a Staples next door. As they say in the commercials, that was easy.

I spent the day talking about the quilt, handing out tons of flyers, and watching bout after bout after bout. It was an incredibly enjoyable day. My face hurt from smiling so much, even though I was so exhausted I felt like I might vomit under my vendor table. My roommates all went to one of the after parties to go ride a mechanical bull, I stayed home to watch the Discovery Channel and eat the best pizza I've had in years. Seriously, look at the photo and tell me you don't want some. Yum.

Fancy knife and fork pizza.
My day ended with me falling asleep and being vaguely aware of everyone else coming back to the room at some point. I definitely had pizza dreams, mainly consisting of the Reverend Al regaling me with stories about his life. Since these dreams so closely resembled the actual car ride, I won't trouble you with details.

More on the trip soon, once I've absorbed more cold meds and I feel slightly more human. Amazing experiences often come with a price, and for me it's usually a few day's worth of some kind of cold. Clearly this tournament is no exception.


Your Pal.......PeeJay said...

I loved holding down the fort while a lovely and tough skater slept under the table and/or went for a pee break! You made this trip even more the bestest ever!

Dreadnought said...

Expect to read all about that from my perspective in "Regionals day 2." You saved me that day!