Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Back from Nationals. Actual recap, day 1.

Now that I'm back from Uproar on the Lakeshore and can blog using more than just my thumbs, it's time to reflect on the trip. A lot happened over the course of this awesome four day weekend, so here's part one:

I just can't make myself
believe that these huge
planes can stay in the air.
After surviving the crippling anxiety of the flight, we spent the night in the huge-mongous Palmer hotel and zipped off to the venue in the shuttle. The school-bus filled with derby people felt very much like summer camp, complete with the loud kids populating the back of the bus. A bunch of announcers represented said loud kids, namely Pelvis Costello, Dumptruck, John Maddening, and D'Nouncer Duane Cunningham. Many inappropriate jokes were made, at least a few about bodily functions. It was like being thirteen years old again, complete with wacky hair.

We got to the venue as everything was being set up. Ua Betterplaynice, Windy City ref and web/sponsorship dude, hooked me up with a great spot for the quilt. It was directly across from the WFTDA booth, the team merch booth, the women's bathroom, and a beer kiosk, thus ensuring crazy foot traffic like whoa for the whole tournament. After rigging up a hanging solution that included some found wire from the underside of a ceiling decoration, we were in business.

Clearly I need more. Anyone's league
have any patches for sale?
It got nicely simple after that - I watched derby, checked on the quilt regularly, got tons of patches for my derby jacket, and ate more cheese fries than my stomach could comfortably handle. Every time I got up to walk around, there were people taking photos of the quilt. I saw a few group pics and at least one sneaky person trying to wrap herself in it like she was sleeping in a bed. Thank goodness I used heavy-duty hanging hardware, eh?

After a wonderful day of derby, we got some deep dish pizza with a few other Boston peeps who made the trek to Chicago. Pelvis went out, I stayed in, and we called it a night. More on the trip later when I snag the rest of the photos.

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