Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Slam Chowdah

That's my skater sister.
To know Slam Chowdah is to love her. This Cosmonaughty is delightfully silly, hard working, and best of all, she's my skater sister. I'm psyched she bowed under the constant pressure I kept laying on her to contribute to the quilt. I was one step away from plastering her car with post-it reminders.

Her original plan was to create a yarn background and then embroider the details on it with yarn in different colors. However, it didn't quite pan out, so "the end result was a round II salvation attempt." She started knitting this at my house during last year's freshmeat holiday party, and she gave me the finished piece this summer shortly before the first exhibit of the quilt. So far it's the only knit piece, making her contribution all kinds of special.

Endorsed by my mom, who rules.
While her square is equally as neat as she is (AKA very neat),  she insists she's not a fan of the way it came out. Her cries of "oh god, my square sucks so bad" and "at least the glitter made it better" fall on deaf ears, though. According to the visitors to my table at Eastern Regionals and my mother, her square is vitamin awesome. Sorry, Chowdah, my mom is always right. She's a smart lady.

I'm glad to be a Boston Derby Dame with Chowdah, even though she's forever ruined my ability to order "clam chowder" like a normal person. She's a joy to skate with at practice, and a joy to skate against at bouts. She's someone who never seems to forget that this sport is supposed to be fun, and I love her for that.