Sunday, November 7, 2010

Blogging from bed

My roommates are asleep, and my husband is out being a social butterfly. These are both good things. I simultaneously can't sleep and can't gather up enough energy to go out. Roller derby does that to me.

Thus, it's picture time:

Sleep. That's where I'm a viking.

We flew in at 9:30 and the combination of anxiety and meds meant to help my anxiety made me more exhausted than I could have predicted.

Not shown: the majorly high traffic location
by the WFTDA booth, team merch, and bathroom.
Man, I hope I didn't post this already. If I did it will soon be replaced. This is the quilt shortly after hanging it up by gate 113 in the UIC Pavillion. Not too shabby. I'm right across from the WFTDA booth and the ever-rotating team merch counter. Other than the occasional blockage caused by teams trying to store their merch in front of the quilt after their turn is up, this has been pretty sweet. I'm digging the foot traffic like whoa.

I finally get why people don't always
sit in the suicide seats.

The view from right in front of my spot is excellent. To be fair, though, there isn't a bad view in the house.

If I keep going to these tournaments
I'll need to make a cheese square.
As always, most of the food at the venue is saved only by a glistening coating of liquid cheese.

I ate all of it. Well, ok, so maybe some of the
crust stayed on the plate...
While the food away from the venue is made utterly outstanding by it's higher quality cheese. If I ever become lactose intolerant I will kill myself.

Hooray for fabric to play with!
Scarred Derby Designs hooked me up with square-making materials. I'll make sure to do them justice when I get back home.

Not shown: Randy Pan The Goat Boy and Vince Hannity
hovering over our seats, waiting for us to finish.

And Pelvis, as always, is adorable.

Pity my iPhone's camera has been too slow to catch some of the other photo worthy moments, such as the amazing skating, the dance party that naturally occurs when Lady Oshun, Pelvis, and Another Bad Creation mix, BADD fans writing "BOORING" on their stomachs in sharpie and screaming at the refs, people taking tons if pictures in front of the quilt, being interviewed for, and of course Dumptruck's many outfits. This experience can't can't even captured in one hell of a run on sentence. It's been just that excellent.

Tomorrow I plan to work it out. One more day of awesome derby. This has been an amazing experience so far, and I'm thrilled it's not over yet.

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