Monday, July 26, 2010

A visit from Bhodi Slapva

The quilt got its first out-of-state guest recently. Bhodi Slapva, a jammer for Central Arkansas Roller Derby's Rock-n- Renegades, just happened to be in Boston when her teammate posted the details of the quilt exhibit to their team's forum. Covalent Bondage created a square for this league, and I'm thrilled that one of her teammates could come out and see it in person. Phew... so many links...

Coming out to see the quilt wasn't exactly an easy feat. She had to take the T out of the city to my little suburb of Boston. She was willing to take a couple of trains and a bus to get here, which is quite a trek in an unfamiliar city. Thankfully the buses and trains ran on time. As anyone from Boston knows, that's not always a guarantee.

We met up at the bus stop and she came in to see the frantic work on the quilt firsthand. My folks were excited to meet an eager quilt viewer, and my father immediately started grilling her on what one calls a person from Arkansas (answer: "an Arkansan"). We hung out for a bit, and she asked great questions about the project. What was the inspiration? Which were the first squares? Like everyone else, she couldn't stop squeezing the square with the little 3D bum. I know I certainly can't.

It was an awesome visit. When I started this quilt I never would have guessed that it would get house guests. When I really think about it, this was a very unique experience. I met someone from far away who came to see a huge collaborative project in which her league has one little eight-by-eight square. When you really think about it, that's really special.

Thanks for taking the time (and all those trains) to come and check it out, dude. Who wants to be the quilt's next guest?


Maggie Mae said...

Me me me! I can not wait to come to see it at the reception next month. Is it to late to make squares?

Dreadnought said...

Not at all. Send me your square by August 5th if you want it to be in the exhibit. I'll accept them afterwards too because I plan to show the quilt again.