Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pixie Bruiser

I have still more proof that NHRD rocks my metaphorical socks. This square comes from Pixie Bruiser, who skates on the Queen City Cherry Bombs as well as the Seabrook Meltdowns. I love skating with her because she's just so darned pleasant to be around, and she somehow manages to make fairy wings look tough. I always picture her as the pixie who smiles and bats her eyelashes before tying your shoelaces together and giving you a nudge down a flight of stairs - sweet and innocent on the outside, but fierce and wicked on the inside.

She found derby through her love of skydiving, as is shown in her square as well as her number: 14 thousand ft. I have a ton of respect for anyone brave enough to voluntarily jump out of a moving plane. Add that to voluntarily strapping on skates and smashing into people and you have a delightfully badass lady. Thanks Pixie!

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