Wednesday, February 17, 2010

BritKnee Breaker

A while back, BritKnee Breaker hooked me up with her old Nutcracker shirt. She wanted to help out with the quilt, but she's allergic to crafting, so I offered to make her a square. She's my team captain, so naturally I'd be a fool to ignore her request. Also, she's one of the coaches of our travel team, the Boston Massacre, and it's wise to make this square to preserve my personal safety on the track. Most of all, she's a very dear friend, and it's fun to make quilt squares dedicated to the people I love like whoa.

It's shown here already joined with its neighbors, so the strips nearby aren't technically part of the square. I mainly stuck with the scrimmage shirt as is, and threw in some running stitches that crisscross her name in the same sharp, stabby way she crisscrosses the track. I free-motion stitched a few of the letters around her name just because I was having trouble pulling myself away from the sewing machine.

I may add some gold touches or ruffles later as a nod to her new Massacre coaching gig. However, for now, she's all Nut.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for not letting my craft allergies prevent me from being part of this. All the cool kids are doing it and I want to be cool too. :) ~ breaker