Wednesday, February 24, 2010

W. Terry Armstrong - volunteer, mascot, really loud dude in the stands

Volunteers, derby widows, and fans take note: you can give me squares too. This one is from Mr. Terry Armstrong, who has been helping out at BDD and NHRD bouts for several seasons now. Those of you who listen to the wild and crazy screams coming from the Cosmo section of our home bouts will know him as "that dude who out-cheered the Pissah section by himself" or "damn, he's loud," or even "please make him stop." The man is vocal, and he uses his megaphone-like voice to express his love for his favorite ray-gun-wielding ladies on skates.

This piece of green and black is a chaos symbol from his Imperium days. Yes, Terry spent many years beating people up with foam swords, and this symbol is all over the leather armor he made by hand. I hope to toss in some Cosmo-friendly stars, and/or embroider his name in silver thread. Until then, here it is joined with its homies in a pieced-together section of the quilt.

Look for him at the Cosmo bench this season. He'll be stepping down from the stands and handing out helmet panties as one of the new bench managers. I suspect we'll still hear him screaming "let's go Cosmos" when the jam is on, though.

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