Saturday, February 27, 2010

Quilting on the road

Yes, I'll quilt anywhere. This was taken at the Green Mountain Derby Dames vs. New Hampshire Roller Derby game in a couple of weeks ago.

Before you say "but there are NEEDLES involved!" and have a hissy fit about my apparent disregard for track safety, don't fret. I put this down when the bout actually started.  This was a good thing, too, because we almost had an announcer takedown right in front of me. Considering that the NHRD announcer who was almost run over by a GMDD jammer was Pelvis Costello (AKA my beloved husband) I certainly don't want to have anything stabby anywhere near that blue line. If he were in the hospital, how would I have gotten home?

Plus, I don't want to destroy the quilt or anything.

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